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Vegetable cultivars for showing, and judging hints.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019


Cultivars – Moneymaker, Bonica

Judging – Well-developed medium to large fruits of good colour. Should be firm and of good shape, blemish-free, natural bloom and fresh calyx.

Beans - Broad

Cultivars – Exhibition Longpod, Imperial Green Longpod, Witkiem

Judging – Well filled, uniform,long, straight pods which are fresh and firm with seeds of good size

Beans - French


Dwarf – The Prince, Ferrari, - Climbing - Cobra

Judging - Straight snap pods with partial stalk. Uniform in size, shape and colour with no outward sign of seed in the pod.

Beans - Runner

Cultivars - Stenner, Enorma, Lady Di, Benchmaster

Judging – Long, straight,uniform,fresh, firm pods of good colour and a partial stalk which snaps readily. No outward sign of seed in the pod.

Beetroot – Globe and Cylindrical

Cultivars - Red Ace, Pablo

Judging - Uniform in size,shape and colour with good clean skins. Damage free with taproot intact. Foliage trimmed to approx 76mm. Approx 75 - 80mm dia.

Beetroot - long

Cultivars - Cylindra, Cheltenham Greentop

Judging - Long, good weight over length. Fresh firm roots without corkscrew effect. Free from damage. No side roots. Uniform in colour, size and shape. Foliage trimmed to approx 76mm.

Brussels Sprouts

Cultivars – Oliver, Prelant, Cavalier, Maximus

Judging – Fresh firm buttons of good colour, free from blemish. Size according to cultivar.


Cultivars – Pointed – Winnigstadt, Sweetheart

Round – Castello , Ramco, Kilaton, Brigadier, Brunswick

Judging – Fresh, solid heads consistent with cultivar, unblemished pest-free heads and outer leaves. Outer leaves should be turgid with overall good colour and natural bloom. leave approx 50mm of stalk.

Calabrese & Broccoli

Cultivars – Marathon, Olympia

Judging – Fresh,well formed, tight closed heads of good size, shape and colour for the cultivar, showing no evidence of flower. .

Carrots – Long Pointed

Cultivars - New Red Intermediate, St. Valery

Judging – Medium to large, fresh, firm, clean with no disease or pest damage or splits. Alike in shape, size and colour with no greening of tops. Good weight over length. gradual taper with tap root intact nd no evidence of side shoots. Good colour maintained over whole length. Foliage trimmed to approx 76mm.

Carrots – Stump Rooted

Cultivars – Sweet Candle, Bangor, Chantenay Red-Cored

Judging – Fresh,firm,clean with no disease, pest damage or splits. With a decided stump and tap root intact. Showing no side shoots or greening of top. Uniform in shape,size and colour. Foliage trimmed to approx 76mm.


Cultivars – Beauty, Lateman, Dok Elgon, Cornell, Aviso, Clapton

Judging – Heads that have solid curds, white, free of pest and other damage. A good specimen will be approx 200mm dia. The curd should form a perfect circle when viewed from above and have a medium domed shape when viewed from the side. Foliage neatly trimmed and stalk pruned to approx 50mm.


Cutivars – Morning Star, Evening Star.

Judging – Medium to large specimens with firm, crisp, clean and well blanched stems. Free from pest damage with no sign of bolting or blistering. Free from heart rot, seed stems, splits and side shoots. Alike in shape. Do not trim foliage.


Cultivars – Telegraph, Carmen, King George

Judging – Fresh, tender fruits of good overall colour and bloom, staright, uniform in thickness and length with short handles. Of a length commensurate with the cultivar. Free from pest and disease damge. Floret naturally attached.


Cultivars – Solent Wight (Softneck), Lautrec Wight (Hardneck)

Judging – Well ripened, well shaped bulbs with thin necks. Specimens to be whole and not segmented, free from pest and disease damage. Roots neatly trimmed to base plate.


Judging – Well bunched specimens, clean foliage, no sign of ageing, free from pest and disease damage.


Judging – Fresh Turgid specimens with a well developed curled leaf pattern. Pest and disease damage free. Of good colour and size.

Kohl Rabi

Judging – Alike in size, shape and colour for the variety. Tender, yet not soft, fresh and blemish free.


Cultivars – Pennine, Megaton, Cairngorm, King Richard

Judging – Firm, solid barrels with no sign of softness or splits, foliage turgid, pest and disease free. Fresh roots with root plate intact. To be alike in shape,size and colour, straight barrelled, tight buttonede, non-bulbous with no sign of ribbing. Length of barrell in accordance with the type. Good balance between barrel length and circumference. Do not trim foliage.


Cultivars - Crisphead – Webbs Wonderful

Butterhead – All the Year Round

Cos – Little Gem

Judging – Firm Hearts with unbroken pest and disease free leaves of good colour for variety. Loose-leaf types - well shaped, large heads, fresh and damage free. Leaves not showing signs of bolting.

Marrows , Squashes and Courgettes

Cultivars – Courgettes – Zucchini, Orelia (Yellow), Defender

Marrows – Greenbush, Tiger Cross, Table Dainty Badger Cross

Squashes -

Judging – Courgettes - Tender fruits of uniform shape and colour for cultivar. Length approx 150mm , with or without flower. - Marrow and Squashes - Fresh, young, tender yet not soft fruits which are of a uniform size, alike in shape and colour.


Cultivars – Large (Over 250gm) – Kelsae, Hercules

Small (250gm) – Santero, Toughball, Vento, Tasco

Red – Red Baron

Judging – Firm, well ripened bulbs with unbroken and unblemished skins. Free from any form of disease. To be alike for shape for cultivar, size and colour. Thin necks, bottom free from ribbing. Roots trimmed close to the base plate and stem neatly tied with raffia.


Cultivars - Parsnip – Gladiator, Albion, Duchess, Gladiator

Judging - Medium to large specimens with good shoulders and tap root intact. Fresh,firm,clean with no pest damage. disease or canker.


Cultivars – Show Perfection, Alderman.

Judging - Long, fresh, well filled pods with good bloom and colour. Pest and disease free. Uniform in length, shape and colour.



Early (12 - 13 wks) - Winston (White), Casablanca (White), Sherine (White)

2nd Early (14 - 15 wks) – Kestrel (Coloured), Nadine (White)

Main (16+wks) – Harmony (White), Picasso, Malin and Amour (Coloured),

Judging – Clean, unbroken skins. Pest and Disease free. Shallow eyes. Uniform shape with no evidence of greening. Optimum individual weight of 200gm.


Cultivars -

Judging – Fresh, young, tender specimens with well formed roots, good coloured and disease and pest damage free foliage. Size and colour according to cultivar.



Cultivars – Victoria, Stocksbridge Arrow

Judging – Fresh straight stalks of uniform length and weight. Good red colouring an advantage. Leaves trimmed to approx 40mm. The stalk should not be cut at the base.


Cultivars – Hative de Niort, Aristocrat

Judging – Well ripened bulbs free from greening or purpling of the base, firm of neck, free

from botrytis. Single bulbs of good shape with circular outline of adequate size. Uniform in size, shape and colour with unbroken skins. Good presentation. Pickling shallot to be 30mm dia or under.

Spinach & Chard

Judging – Fresh, well formed, large dark green leaved specimens. Undamaged by pest and disease


Cultivars – Marian (Resistant to Mildew)

Judging – Good size for cultivar,clean well formed roots, free from side roots. Pest and disease free. Tops trimmed to approx 76mm

Sweet Corn

Cultivars – Sundance

Judging – Fresh, well-formed cobs with good grain set which will be undamaged. Fresh Green husks with silks attached. Cobs to be uniform in size, grain set and colour.

Sweet Peppers and Chilli Peppers

Cultivars – Redskin (Red), Bell Boy (Red and Yellow), Yellow Bell (Yellow)

Judging – Fresh, brightly coloured fruits of good size and shape with stems attached.


Cultivars – Medium – Alicante (Outdoor), Cederico, Shirley, Gold Star, Classy

Small fruited – Sungold, Tumbler, Roma (Plum)

Beefsteak – Marmande, Black Russian

Judging – Well shaped , rounded fruits of approx 60mm dia (Medium) , or 35mm dia (Small fruited – incl plum). Fressh calyces attached to ripe, but not soft, well coloured, blemish-free uniform fruits according to the cultivar.


Cultivars – Model White, Golden Ball

Judging – Size and shape relative to Cultivar. Good uniformity in shape and colour. No evidence of being aged. Pest and disease free and no evidence of multi tap roots Tops trimmed to approx 76mm.

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