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6th Members Spring Show


Wednesday 25th March 2020


to be held at the Exchange at 7.45pm

Section A – Cut Flowers


  1     Daffodils  –  Long cupped  -  Five stems  (see notes 1&2)

  2     Daffodils  -  Short cupped  -  Five stems  (see notes 1&2)

  3     Daffodils  -  double  Three stems. (see note 2)

  4     Any Spring flower, other than Daffodil  - Three stems.

  5     Pansy or Viola -  Six stems  (Container provided)

  6     Hellebore blooms -  Three floating in a saucer.

  7     Camellia  -  Three stems.

  8     Primula, Polyanthus or Primrose – Five stems.

  9     Vase of mixed garden flowers (no shrubs)

  10   Vase of mixed flowering shrubs.

Section B  -  Pot Plants


  11   Three Daffodils supplied – grown in a max size 2 litre pot     12    Three Hyacinths growing in a pot.   

  13   Any flowering pot plant, other than bulbs or corms.

  14   Pot of  any flowering bulbs or corms (except Hyacinth)

  15   Any Foliage pot plant.


Section C  -  Vegetables


  16   Three sticks of Rhubarb

  17   Any Brassica exhibit.

  18   Any other Vegetable (numbers appropriate to type)


Section D – Domestic


  19   Pot of Marmalade

  20   Bakewell Tart

  21   Savoury flan  (own recipe)

Section E – Floral Arrangement


  22   An arrangement of garden (Spring) flowers.


1  For the purposes of this show, the following definitions         have been used:-

   Long cupped - . corona (cup) more than one third the            length of the perianth segments (petals).

   Short cupped – corona (cup) not more than one third the    length of the perianth segments (petals)

2  Any number of flowers to a stem

3  Bikini vases to be used, where  appropriate.

4  Pots not to exceed 25cm (10 inch)

5  One entry only for each member per class.

6  There are no entry forms, just bring your exhibits along         on the night.

7  Label your exhibits with your name on the card slips               provided (face down)


Time Schedule


5.15  -  5.45 Setting -up of room

5.45  -  6.15 Setting -up of exhibits

6.15 – 7.45  Judging

8.15             Presentations



A First Prize card only will be given in each class.

The Monthly Shield will be awarded to the exhibitor who displays the Best Exhibit in the show

A Trophy will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most first prizes. In the event of a tie, the Trophy will be shared.

The Monthly Reserve Shield will  be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the second most first prizes. In the event of a tie, the Reserve Shield will be shared.

The Judge will be Mr. Derek Pride (Dorchester)

Call us: 01258 471147


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