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To be held at

the Exchange

At 7-30pm

Admission Free


Section A – Vegetables


Class   1  Three Potatoes White. 

           2  Three Potatoes Coloured.

           3  Three Carrots.

           4  Three Onions 250g or under from sets or seeds  .

           5  Three Onions over 250g from sets or seed.

           6  Three bulbs of Garlic.

           7  Culinary Herbs – four different bunches (container provided).

           8  Two Lettuce.

           9  Six Shallots.

         10  Six Shallots pickling. (to pass through 30mm ring).

         11  Six Peas.

         12  Six Broad Beans.

         13  Three Beetroot.

         14  Six French Beans (dwarf or climbing).    

         15  Six Runner Beans

         16  Three Courgetttes. Approx. Length 150 mm, 75mm dia if round..

         17  Three Tomatoes – not small fruited.

         18   Six Tomatoes, small fruited – not to exceed 35mm dia

         19   One Cucumber.

         20   Two Marrows. Max length 350mm

         21   Salad mixture in container. Max. 350mm by 300mm

         22   Basket of mixed veg. Max 450mm by 300mm  (WOMEN ONLY)

         23   Any Vegetable/s  not covered by classes 1 -20                            .                    

Section B – Flowers

Class  24* Three stems of Roses. – one bloom per stem (any Variety/s).

           25*  One specimen H.T. Rose.

           26*  Two stems Floribunda or Patio Roses.

           27*  Two stems Climber or Rambler Roses.

           28*  Six Pansies or Violas (display board provided).

           29*  Three stems Herbaceous perennials  (One stem each of three 

                     different  varieties).

           30*  Nine Sweet Peas.

           31*  Nine perennial Peas.

           32*  Three annuals  (two stems of each).

           33*  One specimen herbaceous perennial.

           34*  Mixed garden flowers (one stem of each variety; no shrubs

                    Fuchsias or roses).

           35   Six Fuchsia blooms (display board provided).

           36* Nine stems of Marigolds.

           37   Three Clematis flowers floating in a bowl.

           38* Three Dahlias , one variety, any kind. No side buds.

           39   Two Begonia heads, floating.

           40* Two different flowering shrubs (One stem of each).

           41   A pot Fuchsia.

           42   A pot Geranium.

           43  A pot Foliage Plant.

           44  A flowering pot plant (not Fuchsia or Geranium).

           45  A pot Fern.

           46  A pot Succulent or cactus.

           47  A pot Orchid. 

           48   One hanging basket** – Judged in situ – entry by 22nd July


Pot plant classes 41 – 47 – max internal pot size 25cm

Classes shown thus * to be shown in Bikini Vases provided      

Section C – Fruit.

Class  49   Six strigs of Blackcurrants.

           50   Six strigs of Redcurrants.

           51   Nine Loganberries.

           52   Nine Raspberries.

           53   Nine Gooseberries.

           54   Three sticks of Rhubarb.

           55   Dish of any fruit not named in classes 49-54.

Novice Section.

           Open to any member who has never won a first prize in the

           Members show in sections A & B.

Class  56   Any three kinds of vegetables , three of each kind.

           57   A pot plant, flowering or foliage and a vase of six flowering


Special Classes.

Class  58   Grow a Potato in a bag (13.5 litre bag & a tuber provided)

           59   Grow a Petunia in a pot (Plug supplied) – max pot size one litre


Section D – Domestic.

           Note – Clear Glass Jars with plain tops

Class  60   A jar of Jam.

           61   A jar of Marmalade.

           62   A jar of Chutney or Pickle,

           63   A jar of clear Jelly.

           64   A jar of Lemon Curd.

           65   A Lemon Drizzle cake.

           66   Boiled Fruit Cake. (Recipe provided)

           67   A loaf – any variety

           68   Shortbread – 7 or 8 inch round marked into 6 pieces.

           69   Four Fruit Scones

           70   A Quiche – 8 inch – own recipe.

           71   Apple Cake -  MEN ONLY.

Section E–Floral Art to reflect the theme  ‘English Country Garden’

Class  72   Small exhibit. 10cm x 10cm, height unlimited – ‘Little Gem’.

           73   Petite exhibit. More than 10cm,less than 25cm,ht unlimited –

                  ‘In a Flowerpot’.

           74   Exhibit to be viewed from the front. width & depth 45cm, height

                  60cm – ‘Al Fresco’

           75   Exhibit of Garden Flowers in a Basket – max width 45cm.

           76   Exhibit without flowers – max width 45cm. – ‘Go Green’


Section F – Wine


Class  77  Any Wine – 750 ml.

           78  Any Liqueur – any size bottle.

           79  Soft Drink or Cordial – any size bottle.

Section G – Photography

           Note – Photographs to be no more than 7ins by 5ins when mounted.


Class  80  Pets

           81  In and around Sturminster Newton.

Section H – Arts & Crafts

Class  82  Any Craft item not appropriate to classes 83 to 90         

           83  Any Knitted item

           84  A Painting or Drawing – any medium

           85  A Greeting Card.

           86  An item of Embroidery.

           87  Home made item of Jewellery.

           88  A decorated nine inch Paper plate – theme ‘Summertime’.

           89  A Cushion Cover.

           90  A Soft Toy.   


Flower Classes                           Mr. Bryan Madders (Bournemouth)

Vegetables and Fruit Classes   Mr. Peter Read (Upwey)

Domestic Classes                      Dr. Sue Billington (Blandford St Mary)                Floral Classes                             Mrs Norma Chenery

Wine Classes                              Dr. Sue Billington

Photography                              Wessex Cameras

Arts and Crafts                           Mrs.Marmie Vergo (Broadwey)

Only in extreme cases will the Judges decision be over-ruled by the Chairman and the Show Secretary.

Exhibitors must be members of the society

Staging of exhibits can commence at 3.00pm, but must be completed by 4.45pm. Judging will commence at 5.00pm

Late entries will not be accepted

Only Officers, Committee members and Stewards are allowed in the hall during judging.



Championship Cup.  

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in all classes. The exhibitor who  won in 2019 is not eligible.

RHS Banksian Medal. 

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in the Horticultural Classes 1-55, Exhibitors who won in 2018 and 2019 are not eligible .

Henry Dawes Memorial Cup  

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in the Vegetable Classes 1-23 

Miss Knott Cup.

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in the Rose Classes 24-27

Swan Cup. 

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in the Flower Classes 28-40. 

Dormel Cup. 

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in Pot Plant Classes 41-47. 

Brian Baker Cup. 

Awarded to the exhibitor with the best Hanging Basket Class 48.

Novice Cup.  

Awarded to the person with the best exhibit in class 56 or 57.                            

Philip Stroud Memorial Cup.  

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in the Domestic Classes 60-71. 

Peggy Hatcher Cup.  

Awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in Floral decoration Classes  72-76.

Sid Hudson Cup.  

 Awarded to the person with the best exhibit in the Photographic Classes 80 & 81 


Challenge Cups  

Best exhibit in Section A - Vegetables

Best exhibit in Section B - Flowers

Best exhibit in Section C - Fruit

Best exhibit in Section D - Domestic

Best exhibit in Section E - Floral Decoration

Best exhibit in Section F - Wine

Best exhibit in Section H - Arts & Crafts (certificate)                                                                                                   


Sturminster Newton Garden Club


Entry Form for Wednesday 29th July 2019

Please ring the number of each class in which you propose to enter and send or take it to the Show Secretary Dennis Hewitson at Coachman’s Cottage, Penny Street, Sturminster Newton. Tel.01258 472273  or e-mail (by attachment of a copy of this form) to

Note. Entries must be received by 3.00pm, Mon  July 27th and will only be accepted on this form (or a copy).

         Only one entry per class.                 Closing date Monday 27th  July  


Vegetables        1 2  3  4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23            Flowers              24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40   .  .                          41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48** This class must be entered .  .                          by 22nd  July

Fruit                   49 50 51 52 53 54 55

Novice               56 57

Special Classes 58 59

Domestic           60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71

Floral Decor.     72 73 74 75 76

Wine                  77 78 79

Photography     80 81

Arts & Crafts      82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90

Name, Address and tel. No. of Exhibitor.  ...................................

Number of entries  ............

Call us: 01258 471147


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